We can supply and install various different ventilation and heat recovery systems to commercial and domestic properties.

Commercial Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in most office work spaces to supply clean fresh air and remove stale, noxious air to help create a healthy environment for your work force. We can also add fresh air to your existing air conditioning to help reduce costs.

Commercial and Domestic Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems can be installed in the home to significantly improve their energy efficiency and help save you money on your heating bills. They do this by recycling the heat that would otherwise be exhausted out of the building by other extract systems.

This system works by collecting stale air from every room including bathrooms and kitchens and then the HRS exhausts the air to outside. Fresh air is then brought in from outside and as the two airflows pass each other the heat from the home is transferred to the fresh air, The incoming and outgoing air does not mix together.

These systems can be up to 92% efficient and can also be connected to air conditioning units to improve their efficiency.
Heat recovery systems are able to help remove condensation from buildings, this is becoming an issue as it then causes mould to grow which can cause ill health as well as having to redecorate your home frequently, if left to long it can cause costly repair bills.