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Here at Sussex air conditioning we aim to provide you with a comfortable environment for your home or office, providing you with year round heating and cooling in and around Sussex.

Air conditioning units not only cool but they are a great way of providing affordable heating, many people assume air conditioning is solely for the summer and most are surprised at how effectively the units can heat an area.

There are many different types of units to suit all applications including:

  • High wall mounted
  • Ducted
  • Floor Standing
  • Under Ceiling
  • Ceiling Recessed Cassette Type

We can carry out a site survey to see what system suits your requirements to achieve the best results.

We have been installing units for over 20 years and have installed them in most buildings we have listed a few below:



How can we help?

We supply a great range of units from some of the leading manufacturers from around the world as well as British, most of the units are built in Europe and come with 1-5 years warranty for your piece of mind.
We can also supply and install units for space saving if there is limited outdoor space, We can supply one outdoor unit that can heat/cool multiple indoor units.

Health Benefits

Most people think of air conditioning as something to keep them cool on hot days but there are many health benefits of air conditioning.

Buying an air conditioning system can make a huge difference to health. Air conditioning creates a clean and healthy environment, whilst dealing with problems like allergies, respiratory conditions and dust. Many suffering with debilitating conditions have seen health improvements from air conditioning, which has improved their quality of life.

People that have the most health benefits from having air conditioning installed:

  • Respiratory ailments
  • People that suffer from sinusitis
  • Poor air quality
  • Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers
  • Allergies to particles in the air such as pollen, and house dust
  • Uncomfortable living temperatures

There are many more benefits from having air conditioning installed in your home and that is due to temperature and clean filtered air.

Air conditioning vents in ceiling.

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