Heating and Hot Water for Commercial Properties

The Future of Central Heating for your Business Today

Few businesses understand that Heat pump technology can heat their hot water, central heating and air conditioning all at the same time from one system and save up to 40% off of their fuel bills, and it can connect straight to your existing central heating system.

While energy prices continue to rise the use of a heat pump is becoming more and more appealing to the commercial industry.

Here at Sussex air conditioning and heat pumps we aim to provide you with a comfortable environment for your business, providing you with year round heating and hot water in and around Sussex and the surrounding counties.

Business Loans through the Carbon Trust

Air source heat pumps eliminate the need for a fossil fuel heating system and are highly efficient, with 1kW of electricity consumption generating 3kW to 5kW of renewable heat throughout the year. A heat pump is up to five times more energy efficient than traditional heating methods.

There are a number of Government backed schemes that can help commercial users reduce their energy costs, this is called the renewable heat incentive(RHI) (please seeĀ government grant section)

There are several different types of units that can be installed or normal radiators can be used to cut costs further. We can carry out a site survey to see what system suits your requirements to achieve the best results.

Heat pumps can be installed in all buildings and we have listed a few below:

A heat pump starts saving your business money straight away and it reduces your Co2 emissions.

Row of refrigerators set into the wall.

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