The government are offering cash back incentives to people that have air source heat pumps installed up to the value of £1250 and with energy prices on the rise again this is a system that you should consider having installed.

Environmental concerns are becoming more important than ever before and as a heat pump uses the free energy from outside to remove heat it is the best solution for domestic heating and hot water. A heating system powered by a heat pump supplies the ideal warmth and comfort all year round even when we have freezing winters these systems still out perform conventional A-rated gas boilers.

A solar panel can also be added to the system, which can help supply up to 60% of your hot water energy requirements throughout the year, again reducing your bills further.

A heat pump starts saving you money straight away and it reduces your co2 emissions.

The government are also offering several different types of grants that will pay you for your usage over the next 7 years. (please see government grant section)

Domestic Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in the home is becoming more and more popular; this is because of all the benefits that come with having a system installed.

It offers a good balance of comfort, temperature, humidity control and fresh air if required. With energy prices on the rise you can utilize the air conditioning to its maximum for heating or cooling around your home, all systems now have an economy mode to reduce the running costs further and a quiet function for the indoor unit to reduce the noise level within your home.

Health Benefits

Most people think of air conditioning as something to keep them cool on hot days but there are many health benefits of air conditioning.

Buying an air conditioning system can make a huge difference to health. Air conditioning creates a clean and healthy environment, whilst dealing with problems like allergies, respiratory conditions and dust. Many suffering with debilitating conditions have seen health improvements from air conditioning, which has improved their quality of life.

People that have the most health benefits from having air conditioning installed:

  • Respiratory ailments
  • People that suffer from sinusitis
  • Poor air quality
  • Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers
  • Allergies to particles in the air such as pollen, and house dust
  • Uncomfortable living temperatures

There are many more benefits from having air conditioning installed in your home and that is due to temperature and clean filtered air.