Everybody has heard of solar panel installations due to a high level of press coverage, however few have heard of Heat pumps as a renewable source of energy and therefore do not know about the advantages of having heat pumps installed in your home.


  • Very little maintenance is required.
  • There are government backed schemes to help with installation costs.

Here at Sussex Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps we aim to provide you with a comfortable environment for your home, providing you with year round heating and hot water in and around Sussex and the surrounding counties.

Air source heat pumps eliminate the need for a fossil fuel heating system and are highly efficient, with 1kW of electricity consumption generating 3kW to 5kW of renewable heat throughout the year.

There are a number of Government backed schemes that can help commercial and domestic users reduce their energy costs.

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps works like your domestic refrigerator but produces a reverse effect. The refrigerant in the heat exchanger absorbs heat from the outside air and evaporates creating a vapour. The vapour is then compressed, thereby increasing pressure and vapor temperature until it reaches high temperature. The hot vapour is then condensed in a 2nd heat exchanger where heat is rejected, which feeds into the central heating and hot water system. The liquid refrigerant passes back through an expansion valve, to start the cycle again.

Graphic showing the working process of a heat pump

We choose our air source heat pumps carefully from leading manufacturers because of the superior quality of the products, for ease of installation and for minimum disruption to our clients.

Sussex air conditioning and heat pumps can assist you in the design, specification and supply of heat pumps across a range of properties for the homeowner, Nursing homes, housing associations, developers and commercial installations.