Having an air conditioning system installed in your conservatory is a great way to heat/cool your new or existing conservatory.

We only install leading manufacturers that have energy ratings of A+ or more (A++) to keep your running costs to a minimum. In heating mode with an national average of 7 Degrees most of the leading brands have a Coefficient performance of 4-5. This means that for 1 KW of electric used you will get 4-5KW of heating, this eradicates the need for a plumber to install a radiator that will only provide for your conservatories winter requirements.

This is also a much cheaper option than replacing your existing roof with an opaque one as is being heavily advertised at the moment on the radio and in local newspapers.

All our wall or floor mounted air conditioning units can be fitted retrospectively to your conservatory with minimum disruption. The floor-mounted units can be fitted on to a dwarf wall as low 600mm & the wall-mounted units only need 780mm.

We usually use a white plastic trunking that is 2"x2" to put the pipes, electrics & condensate drain into, this makes them look like they are part of the conservatory fabric, however the floor mounted units normally do not have any trunking on show. The interconnecting pipes, cables & drain go through the wall to outside.

We have a basic system to calculate the size of the air conditioning unit required, this is 220w per square meter unless your conservatory is susceptible to extreme heat loads. If this is the case then we raise this to 300w per square meter. We offer a free site survey to make sure that all of your requirements are met and that the right unit is chosen.

Our Checkatrade page has got several comments from previous customers regarding their conservatory air conditioning.

We offer a 5 year warranty on workmanship & 3 year manufacturers warranty on all parts. We also offer a service & maintenance plan to make sure you’re system is working to its full potential. If a service plan is put in place we also offer 3 years warranty on all labour.

The government has recognized that Air conditioning is a great way to heat your house and therefore they are offering 5% vat on all domestic installations. Please click the link below for more information. https://www.gov.uk/tax-on-shopping/energy-saving-products

We have been installing units for over 20 years and have installed them in most buildings we have listed a few below:



How can we help?

We supply a great range of units from some of the leading manufacturers from around the world as well as British, most of the units are built in Europe and come with 1-5 years warranty for your piece of mind.
We can also supply and install units for space saving if there is limited outdoor space, We can supply one outdoor unit that can heat/cool multiple indoor units.