A new development of unique duplex & triplex luxury apartments with sea front location, split into 4 homes, is an ideal showcase for the quality of the Daikin Altherma air/water heat pump system.

The outdoor units are encased in powered coated galvanised steel, the heat-exchanger fins are pre-coated with a special anti-corrosion treatment providing 5 to 6 times more resistance against the more corrosive, coastal environment and the provision of rust-proofed steel sheets on the underside of the units give additional protection. These features are standard across the Daikin range.

Daikin Altherma was selected as air/water heat pump systems are a perfect match for a mix of underfloor and radiator heating in new-build properties. The low temperature Daikin Altherma integrated split heat pump & DHW cylinder was considered an ideal solution for this development. Having previous experience of the ‘complete’ Daikin Altherma system on an earlier project, the client specified Space Air to supply for this project. Prefabricated ancillary piping kits only available from Space Air simplify the installation and ensure that each system can be exactly replicated.

Mark Houghton from Space Air Solutions

This project is an excellent example of where the build quality of Daikin equipment really counts, not just in terms of performance and reliability but also, with the outdoor units all pre-treated to resist corrosion from the coastal environment, longevity in relatively harsh conditions.”