Eager for Monobloc

Many council properties are off the gas mains and heated by storage heaters or direct electricity, an expense passed onto tenants. The council already experienced Space Air and the Daikin Altherma heat pump system, a 3-bedroom semi detached 96sqm home was identified to upgrade the inefficient and bulky storage heaters to an air-to-water heat pump system.

Following Space Air’s site survey, the low temperature (up to 50°C without back up heater) single phase Daikin Altherma Monobloc air/water heat pump was selected (due to internal space constraints) connecting to slim line radiators throughout and a 200L DHW storage cylinder positioned in the loft, with a 3kW immersion heater (to raise the temperature for legionella protection). This system also gave the tenants the much-needed extra space inside their home.

A spokesperson from the council commented “‘As part of our Energy Strategy to replace old fashioned storage heaters with suitable energy efficient heating, we have been trialling the use of the Daikin Monobloc air source heat pump technology.” “At a recent installation, the tenants were more than eager to have the air sourced heat pump installed and, although early days, are very happy with it. As a result of our trials, we are now embarking on a complete roll out of this technology to our off gas properties.”

Space Air’s bespoke accessories used on this project included; the prefabricate piping kit, to fully optimise and protect the Daikin Altherma system as well as reducing onsite installation time and costs, wall brackets for mounting and a protective mesh cage to prevent accidental damage to the outdoor unit which is positioned on the rear wall of the property in the garden. A condensate tray to drain off surface water to prevent build-up of ice during the winter months was also supplied and finally as with all Space Air supplied Daikin Altherma systems a wattmeter to monitor the heat pump energy use.

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