Will air conditioning increase the value of my home?

We all know that summers are getting warmer in the UK; therefore, investing in air-conditioning will appeal to buyers and will likely increase your home’s value.

What is the best air-conditioning unit?

There is a vast choice of units on the market and several things to consider. We always advise on a site visit before finding the best solution for your home or business. It is easier to give a full assessment once we have seen the property and where best to locate the units and pump.

To give you the best advice and most efficient solution, we need to establish which rooms you need to cool, how you want the units to look, their size, and what functions are required.

Will air conditioning increase my electricity bills?

Like heating, running air conditioning costs money, but green technology works similarly to a domestic fridge, and air conditioning units don’t use massive amounts of electricity. Generally, for every 1kwh of energy used, most quality air conditioners will output 3-4 kwh of cooling or heating.

A split AC unit of 2.5 kw will keep a room cool using between 500 watts and 1 kw. The current cost of domestic energy is capped at 24.5p a kWh so that a single unit will have a running cost of 15 -20p?? an hour. But suppose you have solar panels or are considering installing solar panels. In that case, your running costs will be minimal or even free, especially during summer.

Do I need planning permission?

Most air-conditioning systems don’t need planning permission as long as:

  • The external unit is more than 1 metre from the property’s boundary.
  • There is no wind turbine on the property.
  • The volume of the external compressor unit is not more than 0.6 cubic metres.
  • The external unit is not installed on a pitched roof.
  • The external unit is not installed with 1 metre of the edge of a flat roof.

Buildings that are listed and in a conservation area may need planning permission or listed building consent. Regulations vary depending on the local authority.

What is Split Air Conditioning?

Split air conditioning consists of quiet indoor units with a compressor outside. These offer both cooling and heating and can be wall-mounted, floor or ceiling-mounted. Split units are quieter, more efficient and more powerful. The term ‘split’ is because they include an outdoor inverter unit and an interior compressor unit that work together.

With a split system, the temperature can be set and controlled remotely. Pipework and wiring connect your indoor unit to your outdoor unit. The external unit must sit on level ground and have a 30cm gap all around.

Split air conditioning requires professional installation, but although the cost is higher at the outset, it can quickly pay for itself by decreasing heating/cooling bills. 

Does air-conditioning require much maintenance?

AC units are very reliable and robust but require regular maintenance. We recommend an annual service, which includes filter cleaning and an efficiency check. This service will maintain your warranty and extend the life of the system.

We are happy to answer any other questions regarding air-con, just give us a call on 01273 434586 or use our contact form.


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