Lewes School benefits from the latest ultra-efficient climate control system

We recently installed some new Daikin Sky Air ultra-efficient air conditioning units at Southover School in Lewes. These A+ rated systems will provide the classrooms with heating, cooling and air purification.

This new series, known as Bluevolution R32 technology, delivers the best climate control and is ideal for businesses and commercial premises. The SkyAir series is more compact, quieter and easy to install and use.

The heat pump uses renewable energy providing heating in the winter and cooling during the summer months.

Europe’s first light commercial system using R-32 refrigerant.

Daikin is renowned for its exceptionally low running costs and minimum environmental impact—a tried and tested technology trusted worldwide and focused on customers’ needs.

This range has been designed for all climate conditions. It has an online controller that can be used through an app on a phone or tablet; it can control one or more sites.

Environmentally friendly air conditioning and heating solution

The Bluevolution is an industry first for light commercial systems using R-32 refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly than previous refrigerants.

Daikin’s stats speak for themselves:

  • R-32 Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 68% lower than the industry standard R-410A.
  • Highest efficiency (SEER up to 7.7) in the market
  • It does not require yearly refrigerant containment checks, which reduces maintenance costs.
  • Contains up to 16% lower refrigerant charge.

We recommend Daikin as one of the best energy efficient solutions for schools, small to medium commercial locations, shops, and busy environments. For more information, please call 01273 434586 or use our contact form.

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